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Tooling for Starpress Metal Pressings

We have many years of experience in designing press tools utilising the very latest and up to date CAD (Computer Aided Design) technology.

All the production tools that produce both our proprietary ranges of Starlocks® and custom designed Starpress metal pressings are manufactured in our well-equipped Toolroom which utilises up to date CNC machines supported by Computer Aided Design (CAD CAM).

In-house tooling design

Having our own tool making operation allows us to offer rapid response and reaction to customer requirements as we work together to custom design the part. This close cooperation ensures that the customer has an innovative cost saving solution to their fastening problem. To support this, we offer design and development support for pre-production tooling and prototype manufacture in addition to "hard tool" high volume production tooling.

Superior quality through design

Here are examples of production tools for Starpress metal pressings that were designed and manufactured by Baker & Finnemore's highly skilled team of designers and toolmakers.

Tooling for Metal Pressings Tooling for Metal Pressings