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Heat Treatment of Metal Pressings

The most critical element of all spring steel metal pressings is the careful control of the heat treatment process.

Baker & Finnemore's have been heat-treating spring steel pressings for over 150 years and continue to maintain this process as an "in-house" facility. In excess of 300 million components a year are processed through our modern austempering plant.

Built to last

Austempering is considered to be superior to the conventional hardening and tempering process, and Baker & Finnemore have much experience and skill in this area. Austempering offers significant improvements in ductility, hardness and toughness when compared with oil hardened and tempering.

Austempering is an Isothermal transformation in hot salt to form bainite, whereas the conventional hardening and tempering process is a rapid oil quench followed by tempering, to produce tempered martinsite.

Heat Treatment of Metal Pressings

Consistent quality

Baker & Finnemore's heat treatment furnaces are fully automatic continuous lines which are strictly controlled and monitored to ensure maximum quality and consistency.